CFmoto Cforce 500 hood/cowl quick release kit 2015-2018


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Tired of struggling with taking off, and installing your factory hood cowl? Broken tabs and busted fingers well i have a solution for you!

After trying to take mine off for the first time i was miffed and realized that was the dumbest design ever, and i needed a simple solution or new hood panels all the time for $100 a pop. This cowl needs to be accessed regularly and after once i was pissed so i changed the things i can.

I designed, and offer this DIY kit for as simple solution with no more tabs to fuss with and it takes seconds to remove and install easily every time.

What’s the catch? The catch is this is a DIY kit that requires a clever person with some basic mechanical ability and it not for the perfectionist or the i want everything for nothing. You will have to permanently remove the OEM 6 plastic tabs and drill through your hood with two holes for the thumb nuts as well as drill two other holes in the cowl for hardware installation, but when finished you will never look back.

This should take 20-30 min tops and you will need a Phillips screwdriver and a cordless drill and you have to remove the front rack for installation once. This kits comes with detailed instructions with pictures (Not Pictured now) and all mounting hardware screws, nuts, bolts, and drill bit and thumbscrews and washers.

AGAIN this is a DIY kit that requires you removing the OEM cowl tabs and drilling through the hood which will make the hood NOT able to go back to OEM state of mounting essentially ruining its value, but you wont need to this kit works awesome!!!!!!!


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